Good day readers and lovers of good interior design and decoration. I would like to welcome you all to our new Website and Blog section. I would be sharing my knowledge of functional and aesthetic Interior design as it relates to our immediate environment (Africa, West Africa) and other culture and environment Worldwide. Firstly, we must realize every design idea must be practical and realistic, making sure it’s more about the functionality first and then followed by beauty (Aesthetic). “Interior Design is about how it works and not how it looks”. Maybe Interior Decoration which is an integral arm/branch of Interior design which is the part that focuses on how it looks rather than what we used than its functionality. Modern Design entails more than what we once had in terms of Knowledge and Skills needed which used to be basically more about Decoration pieces and Furniture, but now it involves Knowledge in Space Management, Furniture, Interior Architecture, Lightning, Electricals, Various Wall Finishes/Design (Scree ding, Wall papers, POP designs/arts, Mosaic tiles, Cladding, 3D panels glass works etc.) even to the type of Electronic design and Floor Finishes as well, which all have to be in the right and proper sync to achieve a master piece which makes it increasingly complex and yet in all of this we try to keep it simple and classy (such an irony) With all these being said, it’s important for an Interior Designer in the new dispensation to know the deep Knowledge of rudiments of design and history to be able to excel and then evolve personal style of execution. I will be shedding more lights and experience on various aspects of interior design and probably focusing on Carpentry which is my Major in the upcoming blog write ups. Will sure look forward to your comments and participations, exchange of knowledge and experience.

Thanks Adeniji Andrew CEO, Creative Director Andrezini Bespoke Furniture