The 21st century Living Space is basically about personal reflection of style, Charisma, Personality and mostly has a lot to do with acquired Wealth/Taste per time, so extreme style and luxury comes to play majorly in terms of all elements put together to create the perfect living ambience.

For the Modern Interior Designer, it’s essential to understand your clients and his/her personality as much as possible so much that the client would look at the space after it’s furnished and they can virtually see reflections of themselves in terms of taste and style.

The best/simple trick to Modern Living Space Design is keeping it as simple as possible in combination of Colours, Space management, Lightning, Furnishings and one thing that should be top on priority is Comfort (Extreme Comfort).

I would advice a solid colour be used as the primary colour with which other secondary colours can be combined tastefully, Personally I will take White/Black, Lighter Shades of Brown(though I still personally consider black as the best canvass to which other colours can thrive on, But sadly for our religious beliefs in this part of the world) but from general observation it’s safer to use white as it makes it easy even for a green horn in Interior Design field to combine with any other of Primary or Secondary colours.

Lighting, I would say is the magic wand that does the magic; it has the power to transform the total set up from Ordinary to Super-wow! In a blink, the choice of light is most effective in orientation (arrangement) and it has to be able to create moods be it Night /Day or Cinema mood as it may be, Always remember Lighting is key.

Space Management is the part where most designer go wrong, Firstly you should let the Space lead you and give the inspiration, (feel the energy of total space and embrace every curve) go with flow of the building angles, the space actually determines the type and shape of furniture that goes in, either a Sectional Sofa, or Modular and Shapes of Coffee table, Dining set (Oval/Square), Console, Decorative Mirrors, Stools, Soft Furnishings, Art piece etc.

It always important to include a piece of furnishing that strongly represents and uniquely projects the style and personality of your client. Being a man I would say for most guys it always something very masculine mostly in form of art pieces, e.g. A piece from his favorite football club, martial art instrument, paintings or just as simple as a unique black arm chair, the client will always give you the hint if you are observant enough.

Overall, I would say the Modern Living Room should be interpreted just like fashion statement because truly fashion and interior design has a lot in common to do with individual style and personality.